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Over the years we have realized many advanced FPGA products and have developed a lot of FPGA IP Cores. These are listed on the FPGA IP Cores page. Besides IP, we extended our design flow with custom advanced FPGA software tools to increase productivity. See the FPGA design software page for details.
Our design service ranges from developing a single IP block to complete products. This includes FPGA/hardware/software and PCB design. We can deliver prototypes as well as complete manufactured and tested products. Based on customer ideas and requirements we are able to create the most advanced electronic products!
We have been involved in many high-tech projects. Customers who need professional assistance to create advanced embedded products with FPGAs can rely on our expertise. See the FPGA solutions page for previous work we have done for different customers.
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FPGA Solutions is an electronic design company specialized in creating FPGA applications. We provide consultancy, design services and in-house development of advanced professional electronics.