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We can assist customers in a variety of ways with our design service. Here are the most important activities: New Developments We can participate in your project in the way that best fits your needs, whether from concept to completion (including PCB prototype and production) or just to create a custom embedded function. These are our core competences: FPGA design with VHDL, Verilog or SystemVerilog for Altera/Xilinx FPGAs Printed Circuit Board design and layout. Embedded systems (architecture, design and implementation) System-On-Chip (SoC) design with ARM, Power-PC, MicroBlaze or Nios-II processor. Software development (architecture, design and implementation with C/C#) Advanced Verification Since the logic density of FPGAs has grown explosively over the last years, verification has become a major challenge. We constantly explore new methodologies for verification and use an advanced verification flow. High performance design We use a proven design philosophy to achieve the optimum performance and FPGA utilization. We tailor our designs to the architecture of the device and to the specific requirements of the project to attain the best possible design solution. Our design techniques can reduce the time to market. IP Blocks We create and use ready-to-use FPGA IP macros and logic cores optimized for performance and area. Using our verified blocks in your design greatly simplify and speed up your development. Video Signal Processing We have created many efficient FPGA implementations of DSP algorithms. Either from C or Matlab code. Design Tune-ups We clean up existing designs to help you obtain better performance and higher logic densities. Even undemanding designs can benefit from this by allowing a smaller or slower device Consultancy Need help with your new or current design? Do you want independent advice on any FPGA related topic? Our design consultants have the right knowledge to help you out. This service may vary from 'a few hour talk' to longer-term support activities. Architecture Study / Advice Due to the increased complexity of modern FPGAs, HW/SW partitioning has become a major issue. FPGAs are no longer just the glue logic to connect the on-board components. With the introduction of the embedded processors most components are integrated into the FPGA. This has a major impact on system architectures. We can assist you in this process by reviewing the requirements and do suggestions to come to the best possible system architecture. Independent Design Evaluations/Reviews We do third party evaluations/reviews of existing designs, and make specific recommendations to improve FPGA functionality, performance, reliability, and testability.
FPGA Design Services